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Visiting the most popular tourist destination is a must while staying at Kalimpong, and the city promises only its best with the Delo Hill.

Image by Souradip Sen, Facebook

The views from Delo View Point provide one with memories to cherish a lifetime and leave one in awe of the many gifts of Mother Nature.

Delo Hill is one of the two hills at the ridge of which the town of Kalimpong stands. At 1,704 meters above MSL, the hill is a small and peaceful Himalayan hamlet and is located northeast of the town. The town of Kalimpong, the surrounding villages of Relli valley, Teesta River and its valleys, all add to the wondrous view that this gifted spot exposes one to.

On a wonderful clear day, the sun gleams at the breath-taking view of the snow-clad mountains and the Kanchenjunga visible from here. The 360-degree panoramic view of Kalimpong town and its neighbouring hills is what attracts visitors to the Delo view point atop the Delo Hill.

Image by @gone_with_the_heart, Instagram
“The moment the squall struck, the bell echoes his thoughts and the mountains retaliate with the story of a strange and distant time”
At the summit of this hill, there is a park built for recreation purposes that feature exotic flowers. The park is a favourable picnic spot for tourists and locals alike. The picturesque views make for Instagram worthy clicks and divine inspiration.

Image by @himalayan_re_saikat, Instagram

While the river of life glides along smoothly, it remains the same river; only the landscape on either bank seems to change.

Image by @anushreeta_littlethingsforlife, Instagram

An evening view like this can make you go through the rest of the week with calmness and agility.

This is the view from #delopark in Kalimpong which opens up into lush green meadows with the hills lining up all around. A majestic treat to your eyes.

The environment forms the perfect ambience to enjoy nature at its best. The serenity of Mother Nature is best enjoyed here by nature lovers and tourists alike, experiencing the flora and fauna of Kalimpong in the realest sense.

For those that require more adrenaline to be amongst the wild, Delo Hill has the perfect services at peril. One of the most coveted adventure sports prevalent at Delo Hill is paragliding. Many indulge in their first ever experience of paragliding here. One of the main attractions of Kalimpong, tourists from all over the world arrive at the hilltop to experience the thrill of this adventure sport.

The beauty of Kalimpong can be best experienced with a bird’s eye view while floating among the low-lying clouds and with the wonderful backdrop of the Himalayas.
Other fun activities include horse riding, photography, and trekking. One can spend solitary time in nature with wonderful treks up and down the hill while taking snapshots of the enchanting snow-capped mountains and even ride horses to feel the regal British era aristocrat vibes.

Image by @ankhibisw02, Instagram

The songs of the river end not at her banks but in the hearts of those who have loved her.

A 26 minutes scenic drive from The Elgin Silver Oaks, Kalimpong is sure to land one at the most famous tourist location of Kalimpong! Be sure to add Delo Hill to the travel bucket lists whether it’s for a family-friendly picnic day or an adrenaline pumping adventure!

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