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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. – Arthur C. Clarke

The location of Delo Hill makes it perfect to touchdown on other important destinations in the city, the Kalimpong Science Centre being one of them.

Covering an area of 7 acres, The Science City of Kalimpong is a knowledge-based organization of high quality and dedication. The main objective of the centre is to develop a scientific temper in the society and promote the knowledge and ideas of science among the general masses particularly, in students. Kalimpong Science Centre has been conceived, designed and developed by the National Council of Science Museums (Ministry of Culture, Government of India) and on 11th September 2007 was officially handed over to the Department of Education-Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council.

With enchanting outdoor and indoor exhibits, the visit is an incredible one for children and adults alike. The museum also hosts various activities for children to provide a fuller experience to its objective of providing scientific and technological learning. The Science Centre houses a science observatory, a 3D movie theatre and several scientific objects for display. Various examples of science live working models are presented here, exhibiting the life and works of various scientists. Children get ample information on the various aspects of science.

Image by Wendy House, Facebook
Out of the many attractions at Delo Hill, Kalimpong Science City is a different and immersive learning experience. A lovely afternoon picnic in the park at the Science Centre is an enjoyable way to spend some time with your family.

Making for a perfect picnic spot is also a park provided by the Science Centre which is flagged with tourists all year round. The garden has various outdoor activities like swings, climbing ropes, see-saws, along with models of dinosaurs and provides great joy to all visitors, being the favourite for children. One can also get the charming view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from the garden. Some nice snack time with a visual treat to the eyes, a speciality only found in Kalimpong is just a 20min drive from The Elgin Silver Oaks, Kalimpong.

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