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Afternoon Tea in The Elgin Hotels & Resorts Tea Lounges

Yuksom is a rather popular attraction of Sikkim and is located just 40 km from Pelling. It houses the Dubdi Monastery, which was built in 1701 and is an important part of the Buddhist pilgrimage.

Anna Maria Stanhope, the Duchess of Bedford, is credited for the creation of the now world-renowned afternoon tea. In the 1800s evening meals were progressively served later and this left the Duchess suffering from a “sinking feeling” each afternoon at about four o’clock. Initially, the Duchess asked her servants to sneak a pot of tea and a few breadstuffs to replenish herself. In doing so, she found that an afternoon snack was the perfect refreshment and began inviting her friends to join her for an additional afternoon meal in her rooms at Belvoir Castle. The menu centered around small cakes, bread and butter sandwiches, assorted sweets, and of course tea.

The afternoon teatime summer sessions proved so popular that the Duchess continued it upon her return to London. She sent cards to her friends asking them to join her for “tea and walking the fields”. Other social hostesses soon picked up the practice of inviting friends for afternoon tea and this has since developed into a traditional pastime.

Elgin Afternoon Tea Menu

Selection of Infused Teas
Earl Gray, English Breakfast, Lemon, Indian Masala

Herbal Teas

Selection of Fresh Leaf Green Teas
Jasmine, Jogmaya, Organic Green

Selection of Fresh Leaf Darjeeling Teas
Margrates Hope, Balasun, Hilton First Flush, Hilton Second Flush, Puttabong First Flush, Upperfagu First Flush, Fuguri First Flush, Kanchenview

Selection of Fresh Italian Lavazza Coffee
Cappuccino, Espresso, Double Espresso, Ristretto

Selection of Homemade Sandwiches
Cheese Sandwiches, Egg Sandwiches, Vegetable Sandwiches

Selection of Homemade Pakoras
Cheese Pakoras, Egg Pakoras, Vegetable Pakoras

From the Elgin Bakery
Cakes and Cookies or Scones, Brownies and Short Breads

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