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By Tarusi Saluja

Image by @ponderingKolkata, Instagram
The Science City boasts of prestige and knowledge.

One of its kind in India, The Science City was inaugurated on 1st July 1997. It is a major attraction for the locals of Kolkata as well as for tourists visiting the city. It is one of the most admirable and sizeable science museums in the world and provides a gripping way of learning science. Under the National Council of Science Museums, The Science City is the largest science centre in the entire Indian Subcontinent.

There are plenty of interactive exhibits ranging from early plant models to prehistoric robotic animals, a ropeway, cable cars and so much more. Anybody from space fanatics to budding scientists and science geeks is assured a great time. There is a notable section exclusive to the aquatic world wherein you can gain knowledge about every minute detail of different fishes and insects in the aquatic world. A handful of the most alluring fishes can be seen in these aquariums.

Image by @monodeep_nei, Instagram

A one of its kind gem in India, Science City in Kolkata

The ground floor of The Science City consists of optical illusions that are exceedingly compelling to look at. It is always so exciting to see yourself taking a variety of shapes in front of the optical mirrors. The time machine is commonly popular among most of the visitors. It provides one with the chance to transit the outer space where you can travel back in time and enter the era of dinosaurs by being a part of the artificial Jurassic Park. You can also get onto the ropeway and get a bird’s eye view of the city.

The Digital Panorama is an unparalleled show that crams crucial turning points of the last 6 million years of human advancement into one panoramic 3D show. The show is viewed in 3 languages so you can select whichever you are most comfortable with. Hop on the evolution of life, a ride that takes you through the milestones with complete light and sound effects. Some of the other highlights are the energy ball, quicksand, ocean waves and tornado along with various other attractions.

Image by @prakash_daga_, Instagram

The tasteful architecture of The Science City will leave you spellbound.

If the gigantic green dinosaur outside does not entice you enough to enter this 20-year-old museum then the stocks of interesting facts and rides will. This huge cupola-shaped museum is situated close to The Elgin Fairlawn, Kolkata and can be easily reached within 20 minutes by car. All in all, Science City is going to offer you an amazing experience with your peers and family and completely makes your trip worth it.

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