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The Indian Museum


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Frame in a frame kind of a picture of Indian Museum, Kolkata.

Established by The Asiatic Society of Bengal in 1814, The Indian Museum stands as the ninth oldest museum of the world and is the largest in India. Widely referred to as ‘Jadughar’, it houses the finest assemblage of artefacts that unfold the social and cultural history of India from pre-historic times. Contrary to most other museums in the country that are solely committed to specific themes or areas, The Indian Museum exhibits a vast array of ancient sculptures, contemporary paintings, Egyptian mummies, and sacred relics of Buddha. It is classified as one of the top attractions to visit once you step out of your hotel to explore the city of joy.

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One night at the museum

At present, the museum comprises 35 galleries that are segregated into six categories namely Art, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology, Archaeology and Economic Botany. It accommodates several galleries where huge collections of indigenous and international objects are showcased ranging from antiques, armours and Mughal paintings to mummies, fossils and skeletons.

The construction of The Indian Museum is an architectural splendour outlined by the famous architect Walter B Grawille in Italian Style. The building consists of three floors, each spanning across an area of about 930 square meters. The chief relics on display here include Gautam Buddha’s ashes, The Ashoka Pillar which bears the four-lion symbol that went on to become the emblem of India, a Buddhist stupa from Bharhut, The Egyptian mummy and a captivating collection of meteorites.

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The alluring vibe of the Indian Museum will have you transfixed.

If you love poring over books, there is a library at the museum near the Coin Gallery, where you will have access to a vast collection of over 50,000 books, journals and rare publications. If you are fond of souvenirs such as photographs, art albums, children’s books and postcards, you will find them all in the Museum Shop.
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Which way to go?

The Indian Museum also organizes fairs throughout the year associated with various fields such as literature, biological diversity, crafts, photography, sculpture and cinema, to mention a few. This place is a must-visit for it is not just another museum, it is a storehouse of knowledge for people of all ages and will keep you occupied for hours. So, go ahead and plan a day at this oldest and largest museum in India, which is a brisk 4-minute walk from The Elgin Fairlawn, Kolkata.

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