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Your Guide to Explore Gangtok like a Local


If you are in India or have the privilege to see the country, you are certain to be enamored with its culture, beauty, and diversity. While the usual places are a fun gateway one place that is a must-see is Gangtok. Lush, serene, and alluring, Gangtok is sure to imprint on your mind, heart, and soul.  

Photograph by @karnorong, Instagram 

Gangtok, a beauty like no other.

A quick search on the internet will tell you all the conventional places to visit in Gangtok and that must be on your list of things to do if you want to enjoy the city like a resident.  

Photograph by @the_good_p, Instagram

MG Marg.

To start, it’s recommended to explore the city and you are sure to discover something exciting at every corner.  

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Gangtok street style. 

The next thing to do is look the part, walking the streets like a local you’ll find some impeccably well-dressed people and it is no surprise they look so dapper. You’d want to shop like a local to get the look, hit MG mark and you’d find all the components for a stellar outfit, fit for the runways. A favorite amongst the people is Heels and Toes, for those incredibly suave shoes. Style Check is another store to look out for at MG mark. A little further ahead, on the way to Lal Bazaar, you’ll find kitty Inn, Plush, and Leona, making the Gangtok street style more accessible to you.  

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Fresh Produce at Lal Bazar.

Now to feel like a local, you’d need excellent bargaining skills. In Lal Bazaar, the Kanchenjunga Shopping Plaza is where most of the excitement happens. The first floor is a heaven for fresh produce and spices, many of which are distinctly Sikkimese. If you got this far a must-try is Dalle chili, distinctly spicy but if you can handle the spice level you truly belong to the city. 

Photograph by @riding_with_soumo, Instagram 

Shyaphale at Taste of Tibet. 

After a taste of the spice, dine like the Sikkimese. Bhutia Kitchen in New Market serves authentic Sikkimese cuisine. A must-try here Beef Khora and Pork GyareeTaste of Tibet, in the middle of MG Mark, is legendary for its mouth-watering Tibetan and Chinese offerings. A bite into their Shyaphale, a fried mince pie, you’d never want to leave the city. Potala, a little mom and pop store in Arithang, is a staple amongst the local crowds, with beef momos to die for. When the average person in Gangtok gets a hankering for North Indian food, they hit MG Marg’s Orthodox. A few steps away at MG Marg is also a favorite of the young people in the city, Roll House. They serve a range of tasty rolls and momos at a price point that making it a great choice for a student’s budget.  

Photograph by @thuendel14, Instagram

Thuendel in Sungava.

For the young people and young at heart, Thuendel in Sungava is a great place to spend a chill evening with a drink and an Instagram-worthy ambiance. If you are a fan of live music, Café Live and Loud is the place to. With its funky ambiance, set in the backdrop of the beautiful hills, it’s the perfect place to enjoy music.  

Photograph by @patisseriethe 

Sweet Treats at Patisserie.

If you enjoy cute café’s Gangtok is café nirvana. The Local Café at Newmarket is the spot to hit the moment you get to Gangtok. They serve everything from delicious salads and soup to local delicacies like laphing and not to mention some exotic flavors like Korean Kimbap. If you have a sweet tooth, you would love Patisserie in Burtuk serves a range of chocolates, cookies, and cakes, that will certainly leave you satisfied. 

Photograph by @thatsdrax, Instagram

Gangtok at night.

Now that you have the ultimate guide to enjoying Gangtok as a local people do, it’s time to visit and experience the scenic beauty of the city.