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Image by Tanmoy Paul, Facebook

As an architectural marvel featuring 25 galleries, a huge collection of books and several works of art, The Victoria Memorial looks breathtaking even in the night.

This white marbled magnificent structure was built in commemoration of Queen Victoria to honour her 25 years of rule over India and is almost a carbon-copy of The Victoria Memorial in London. Situated in the heart of the city, The Victoria Memorial is a quintessential structure that is synonymous with the city of joy! It is now a museum and tourist attraction under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture.

Encircled by a lush green and spick and span garden which spreads over 64 acres, The Victoria Memorial stands tall in all its glory. A sixteen-foot tall bronze statue of victory, mounted on ball bearings at the top of the memorial, serves to heighten the overall appeal and opulence of the entire complex. It is an awe-inspiring and remarkable sight especially at night when it is illuminated and to top it all, the light and sound show that occur in the evening will undeniably take your breath away!

Image by Debmalya Mazumder, Rediff

A full length marble statue of Queen Victoria, created by Sir Thomas Brock stands in the centre of the Queen’s Hall inside the Victoria Memorial.

The gardens of the memorial are home to a multitude of sculptures. A bronze statue of Queen Victoria welcomes visitors at the entrance while a stroll around the garden exposes one to other statues like those of Edward VII, Curzon, Hastings and Dalhousie.

William Emerson, the president of the Royal Institute of British Architects is the main designer of The Victoria Memorial. Having incorporated the Venetian, Egyptian, Mughal and other Islamic styles, he wonderfully accorded an Indo-Saracenic style of architecture to the monument. A treasure house of exceptional and notable collections of textiles, weapons, portraits, works of Shakespeare and other artifacts, the memorial boasts of a plethora of exhibitions that take place frequently along with various other events such as illustrated talks and celebrations of important days.

Image by Rydo Miles, Facebook

“Calcutta is beautiful. Wherever you place a camera, you get a vision.” – Pradeep Sarkar

To make the most of your visit to The Victoria Memorial, do not forget to get onto one of the carriages available at the entrance. It will take you on a ride near the roundabout and make you reminisce about the essence of the Victorian era in today’s modern-day world. Located in close proximity to The Elgin Fairlawn, this place can be reached in just 6 minutes by car.

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