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Barra Hill - The Historical Upheaval


When you close your eyes and open to see this very moment – flanked by forests, cliffs, and emerald waters of Scotland

The southern regions of Aberdeenshire are home to this stunning hill, which has long been renowned for its beauty. The Historical upheaval, Barra Hill rises up to 193 meters. With a stunning paranormal view, the place boasts about its beaches, hills, history, machair and moor of the small island. Barra is a unique place to visit, especially if you arrive by plane. The airport stands in an unusual world where the runaway strands in between tides. At a high tide, the runaway disappears beneath the waves and during low tides, the runaway benchmarks as one of the marvelous sites to explore in Inverurie.

Barra Hillfort sits and watches over Inverurie and its burial site

The hill of Barra is an open journal of the civil war fought in 1308. The civil war is popular in the Scottish history books as ‘Battle of Inverurie’ or ‘Battle of Barra’. Robert Bruce was the King of Scotland then, who fought against the English and their occupation which was spreading like a forest fire. He knocked out the English from Argyllshire and Aberdeenshire. He volunteered to cure the illness, poverty and destruction caused due to war for the English soldiers as well. The war was seen as ‘The Lightning War’ of Scotland. Gradually the king knocked out his domestic enemies and expanded his kingdom to the Barra hill, low lying range of Bennachie. Between Barra Hill and the marshy areas of the Lochter Burn, a fierce battle was fought between the King and Buchans. The hill acted as an advantage to the king’s camp. The knights, the feudal levies, the soldiers and the king celebrated their victory in the marshland Aberdeenshire. This place sings about The Chronicles of Inverurie.

The hill is now used for trekking, walking and cycling purposes.

The sun cresting over the namesake peaks

Barra Hill also embarks itself as the last resting place of the author Compton Mackenzie, who wrote Whisky Galore. The book is a romantic genre that also narrated about the facts of the 1941 shipwreck of the SS Politician and subsequent salvage of 240,000 bottles of whisky by the neighboring islanders.

Harmony and Castle hunt – A Sacred Games vibe!

Kismul castle, the three Storey fort, sits in a dramatic position on the hill rock, giving a fantastic view of the strategy used for battlements.

Let love lead the way – uncover the precious beaches of Inverurie

Alongside, the sandy beaches like Tangasdale entertain the visitors with the waves, scenery and sunbath. The Barra location also provides a unique kayaking experience with Clearwater Padding from Castlebay and explore a world of beautiful islands and sheltered bays, or play a round or two at Barra Golf Club, the most westerly golf course in the UK.

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