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Amol Palekar directs ‘…and once again’ in Sikkim


Amol directed a film called ‘…and once again’ in different locations within Sikkim. The scenic beauty and culturally appropriate shots in the film display the in-depth analysis of Sikkim’s culture through Palekar’s vision.

The film was shot in and around a small hill town called Pelling. Pelling has various monasteries where one can capture the essence of Sikkim and its relation to Buddhism.

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Amol Palekar directing.

Pelling has one of the few oldest Buddhist monasteries. It is one of the most peaceful towns in Sikkim and a little away from the public eye; thus, considered perfect to shoot a film. The mystery in the plot and the blissful serenity of Sikkim run parallel to each other. The film has been shot at picturesque locales and in outskirt towns of Sikkim.

Image by TOI.

Amol Palekar at an interview.

In an interview with Zoom TV, Palekar said, “Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim are breathtakingly beautiful, so very beautiful; and we were able to shoot within the monasteries.” He says that the film captures the complexity of a relationship between a man and a woman. The film revolves around the recovering journey of two individuals trying to cope with the loss of a loved one, highlighting how humans cope with tragedy. One of the main characters (played by Antara Mali) becomes a Buddhist monk and relocates to Sikkim. Sikkim is the only location where this role, the journey of a female monk recovering in life, looks appropriate and emotionally realistic.

Image by @CinemaRareIN, Twitter.

…and once again poster.

Palekar found the role of the female monk to be very powerful. He wanted the film to be culturally accurate, hence the monasteries were considered. Monasteries are a symbol of Buddhist philosophy; its lure reaches out to people; people all around the world have always been interested in Buddhist teachings.

The film revolves around the differentiating similarities in the past and the present. Sikkim itself is a tranquil and peaceful place, which fits perfectly if someone is trying to understand, evaluate and sort things out in life. Mountains, snow, greenery, fresh air, and clean water, Sikkim has it all. With an abundance of natural resources Sikkim is also rich in culture, and religious influences.

Sikkim is worth one’s time because the time spent there is something you probably gained for the future. The state and all small towns in it, like Pelling, are healing locations by themselves; they heal and improve, themselves and others!