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Mary Kom encourages aspiring boxers in Darjeeling to follow their passion.


MC Mary Kom visited Darjeeling and promised aspiring boxers there, that they would receive free training in Manipur. “If anyone from Darjeeling is sincerely interested in boxing, let me know, and come to Manipur. I will extend full support, and everything will be provided to them free of cost,” said Kom during her trip to West Bengal’s very own Queen of Hills.

Image by India Today

A close-up shot of Mary Kom in her boxing gear.

Darjeeling is famous for its tea and has various flush or tea seasons. Kom visited Darjeeling towards the end of the Monsoon Flush, a few months before the Rio Olympics. The Monsoon Flush is the best time to regrow tea after the second flush of the season (May to June). The tea leaves grown in Monsoon flush are usually good to produce green tea. To feel the true nature of the hill station, one must visit it during the monsoon. The surroundings turn bountiful and green, with different tea plants growing everywhere. The water makes everything livelier, and the sky is cloudy, but the smell of freshwater flowing down the plantations takes one’s breath away.

While enjoying the beautiful city, Kom attended the annual sports meet of Nepali Girls Higher Secondary (NGHS) School as a chief guest and encouraged the students there to consider not only boxing, but also choosing a career in sports.

Image by Hindustan Times

Mary Kom at a girl’s school in Darjeeling.

Some of the scenes from Mary Kom’s biopic were shot in Darjeeling. The hill station shares its beauty with grounds similar to the hill stations located in the northeastern mountain ranges. While attending the annual sports meet at NGHS School, Kom mentioned that she will be retiring after the 2016 Rio Olympics and will continue to look after her own boxing academy in Manipur. This big news was announced by her in a 125-year-old Secondary School from Darjeeling.

Image by Outlook India.

MC Mary Kom embracing her win.

Mary Kom has made our country proud throughout her career. Now as moving forward, her visit to Darjeeling was simply a halt; as a place she can remember, as a trip where she enjoyed the aura of green tea and encouraged youngsters to pick career paths in the field of sports!